• March, 2000Established Company Kukje Forging Ind. Co. at Gamjeon-Dong, Sasang-Gu, Busan, Korea.
    ( Auto & Agriculture Machinery Forging Parts and Forged Valves )
  • Feb, 2003Moved to New Location at Sawol-Dong, Susung-Gu, Daegu, Korea
  • May, 2005Added Item Production For the Forging & Flanges (Max’Out Diameter 1,000 mm)
  • Jan, 2007Changed Company Name from KUKJE Forging Ind. Co. to KVF Co., Ltd.
    Moved to New Location at Samrak-Dong, Sasang-Gu, Busan, Korea.
  • July, 2007Investment to Forging Company (65% Hyundae Forging Ind. Co., Ltd. +35% KVF Co.,Ltd.)
    – Max Out Diameter 5,000 mm
  • March, 2009Moved to new Location at Ulman-Ro, Gangseo-Gu, Busan, Korea.( Area 2,700 , 2 Work Shop )
  • March, 2012Established Branch Machining Factory at Hwajeon Industrial Complex( Area 500 , 1 Work Shop )
  • July, 2014KVF Co., Ltd. was acquired by SEJIN P&S KOREA Co., Ltd through Merger & Acquisition.
  • Sep, 2014Established Joint Venture Machining Factory at Gimhae Industrial Complex
    ( 51% Shinjin Machinery Co. + 49% SJK Co., Ltd. )
    Area 1,500 ㎥, 2 Work Shop
    Stopped Valve Production and hand over the all the valve Facility.
  • Jan, 2015Development and added item production for the Joint & Coupling Item in the 2nd Work Shop.